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Building Teams

Constellation Europe is one of the largest drinks companies in Europe, formed in April 2004, following the integration of Constellation Wines Europe Limited and Matthew Clark Plc. Constellation Europe is part of Constellation Brands Inc, the largest wine company in the world and a leading producer and exporter of wine from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.Its' famous brands include Hardys, Stowells, Kumala and Blackthorn.
As part of a planned growth strategy, the company developed a brand new packaging and distribution purpose built premises in Avonmouth with the largest bonded warehouse in Europe.

A major organisational change project across has seen a high volume recruitment campaign to bring in new talent, as well as retain the key skills and capabilities within their existing employee population based at the original Winery site in Bristol. The new strategy and vision was driven by an energetic new senior management team who wanted to encourage a more collaborative, self responsible, open and honest work ethic across the manufacturing community at Constellation Park.

Working together, Academy developed a bespoke management facilitation programme for senior managers, shift managers and the general workforce - to help them understand their behaviours and defences and how to quickly achieve compatibility across the newly formed teams using FIRO Theory® as the foundation. The outcome was a three day programme for thirteen managers in August 2008 followed by 11 one day programmes, for 110+ of the general workforce.

The substance of the programmes, varying in depth, range and content according to the group, included:
  • Self awareness for leaders and managers.
  • Open communication in teams to promote common understanding and effective teamwork.
  • Identifying differences in behaviour and seeing how this has an impact on others.
  • Working with defences and their implications on relationships and performance output.
  • Building collaborative teams and facilitating high productivity through a flexible personal and leadership style.

participants comments:
“I enjoyed the whole day especially working with the new team and finding out about myself”

“The course provided us with an excellent insight into our behaviours and defences - how they serve and hinder us in every day activities and relationships”

“I found getting to know more about people, their opinions and what makes winning teams, was really useful”

“We worked closely with Academy throughout this process to develop a programme that would allow us to bring the whole team together and successfully break down previous barriers to create a culture that would facilitate a collaborative & positive way of working across manufacturing.”
Julia Hilton