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Academy HR Solutions

SME HR Solutions

Are People Issues holding you back?
Managing people issues and handling increasing amounts of employment-related bureaucracy is a difficult and time-consuming exercise that can detract significantly from your other activities.

As an Owner/ manager is this where your time is best spent?

Can I outsource my Personnel Issues?

Large organisations routinely outsource part of their activities to improve productivity and reduce costs. So why not outsource your personnel management issues? We have a long history of personnel management expertise. Our staff have experience across all industry sectors. By outsourcing your Personnel Management issues to us, you remain free to concentrate on building your business.

We work with you to pre-agreed objectives, providing high quality advice, systems and processes that are designed to improve your management control. Our services are surprisingly inexpensive and are built flexibly around your needs. They deliver significant performance improvements for your business.
  • Free Health Check - We evaluate your legal exposures and people management practices
  • Compliant employment contracts and other key documents - We ensure that your business is protected from the increasing threat of legal red tape and litigation.
  • 24 hour advice line - We are on hand at all times to provide advice and support on all employment and people management issues.
  • On Site Visits - To provide visibility and continuity to your staff and to manage key projects.
  • On Going Development - We help you to develop your people to meet future goals.

SME HR Solutions by Academy HRNo two businesses are the same. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs, dedicating an experienced and qualified personnel professional to you. This provides you with the full functionality of an in-house personnel department but at a fraction of the cost. You engage us only when you require our expertise. For more information call
AcademyHR on 0117 959 6440 or email info@academyhr.co.uk