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Academy HR Solutions

Assessment & Testing Solutions

As Independent Assessment Specialists, we make sure that you utilise the right tools and techniques to support your selection and development decisions.

Our independence means that we can source from the whole market as opposed to relying on a narrow range of products from a single test publisher or provider. We use our expertise to ensure that you have the “best fit” solution to suit your circumstances.

The products and techniques that we use conform to the highest standards. They have been rigorously tested and validated against British Psychological Society criteria. Our Consultancy staff have recognised qualifications and this knowledge enables us to select only the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

The services we offer are broad and modular we can provide you with individual tests or design and deliver a complete assessment process on your behalf - you can utilise our input, as you and when you require.
Competency Frameworks
We can work with your competency framework or help you to develop one. We utilise job profiling techniques to identify the human factors that are required to be successful in your environment.

Ability Tests
We provide a wide range of tests to measure capability and future potential in different job functions and at varying levels of seniority.

Personality Questionnaires
We use instruments that are based only upon accepted personality models and conform to the strictest validation standards. We offer instruments for use in both selection and development contexts.

Bureau Services
We act as a testing centre on your behalf to process tests as you require.

Simulation Exercises
We advise on suitable In-tray Exercises, Group Exercises, Trading Simulations and Presentations and work with you to identify the most appropriate for your situation.

Online Services
Our technology platforms allow us to deliver a wide range of assessment tools over the Internet enabling you to assess candidates remotely.

Assessment Solutions by Academy HR In fast moving markets, the key factor that differentiates a successful organisation from an unsuccessful one is its ability to identify and develop human potential.

We blend people, products and process to ensure that your selection and development decisions are based on fast but fair analysis.

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